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Sunday 11th of Sep, 2011
The site is reviving again!

The site was just there for the past 6 years, I almost forgot it, I was just renewing the domain every year along with my other domains, but suddenly, I got 2 new orders, from 2 people who encouraged me to give the site more attention again, so here you go :) it's a continuous project, and I gave a promise to keep it up for at least 10 years, and I'm still committed.

One of these links was for Ryan from Million Dollar Earth, who liked the idea and encouraged me to keep it up, the other link was from a generous old friend, Mohammad, who manages a site for ACCA study material.

So now with numbers, the site generated $4303.80 so far, not much I know, but this means it works, and by simple math, you can see that the estimated number of available links now are less than 35K, this number would decrease soon, since the advertisers will try to pay more in order to get higher rank for their links.

Posted by: Yacoub @ 7:37 PM


Saturday 8th of Apr, 2006
More links

Thanks for revisiting the site, I think, the site will do better in the coming days, especially that new links were added, now the site got more than $178, and so by simple math, you can see that the estimated number of available links now are only about 50'000 links.

Apart from that, I would like to thank all people who link to my site, the page rank of the site increased quickly, thank you all.

Posted by: Yacoub @ 10:09 PM


Sunday 8th of Jan, 2006
Increasing in the site traffic

It has been along time since the last blog post, anyway, in the last few weeks I noticed lots of traffic, may be as a result of million site phenomena, about 85% increasing in the site rank in Alexa, with visitors mainly from: United States, European Union, Australia, Palestine, France, Great Britain, Egypt, Greece, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, India, Jordan, Lebanon, and more. All of this without any artificial traffic-increasing techniques or any SEO, I thought that some people will find it difficult to understand the site idea, but this did not affect their curiosity to click and explore the links in the homepage. You will see big improvements in the site soon, guess what it will be? ;)

Posted by: Yacoub @ 10:31 PM


Wednesday 7th of Dec, 2005
The site is finally online!

So much work was taken to build the site, register the domain name, and get the host in the last few days, or say the last few weeks, the work was so slow since I was busy in the university, now the site finally launched, I think people will like the idea, and check the site repeatedly, and so, text ads will have value here! I'm sure that it will be nice to try.

To understand the idea of the site, check The Idea page, there might be a FAQs page soon, you can order a link here.

Posted by: Yacoub @ 10:14 PM










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