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So you want to buy? That's a good idea, try it, what will you lose?

Log in your PayPal account, click 'Send Money' and provided me with the following:

* A link for 32x32 pixel logo for your site.
* A title for your link.
* The URL of your site.
* A description
* And your maximum bid. Bid? Yes, theoretically you can pay any amount of money; from $1 up to $1M, check the idea page for details.

Send this amount of money to milliontextads {ăt}

Allow up to 48 hour, to get your link on the home page.

If you are one of the first 5 people asking for a link, you will get it for free (all gone).

The minimum bid will be increased by $5 everytime, so take the action and buy a link today.

For faster payment choose one of the following PayPal buttons, and do not forget the above required details in the payment notes:

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For other values try to log to your PayPal account and send money from there.








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