Traffic and much popularity for your site,
Better rank in search engines,
As low as $1 for at least 10 years!!

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The idea:

Traffic and much popularity for your site,
Better rank in search engines,
As low as $1 for at least 10 years!!

Hi, I am Yacoub Sabatin, and this story goes back to 2005, I'm a Palestinian student in Al-Quds University computer engineer, I'm trying to make some money for paying the tuitions (well, I'm graduated now), and to make some extra cash, that's right, but also to help you! This site will help your business, the traffic is the heart of any website, you are welcome to buy text links, as low as $1/link, this link will stay here for at least 10 years, may be more; that's means less than 1 cent per month!

I need a 32x32 pixel logo for your site, a title for your link, the URL of your site, a description, and your maximum bid. Bid? Yes, theoretically you can pay any amount of money; from $1 up to $1M, until I reach $1M or 1M text ads which comes first, but there is two simple rules; earlier is better, higher is better! Let me explain, the links will compete to appear at top of the page, when two links have the same bid, FIFO principle applies ;) the earlier one will appear at a higher rank, this will guarantee more visibility, more clicks, and more for your business! To ensure a good chance for all links (new and old) to appear at the top, a random link will be chosen to appear there, I have not implemented this feature yet, but will consider it if found to be applicable and useful.

At first, I made the minimum bid as low as $0! Yes, so I give the first 5 links for free! Then start bidding from $1, to encourage faster action from advertisers, so take the action and buy a link today.

Is this another Overture?

Absolutely no, even there are some similarities, but we always apply the two simple rules: earlier is better, higher is better! While Overture or other SE and PPC services apply different polices, and many sophisticated algorithms, notice that you have to pay for each click and bid for each keyword in Overture, this is just a simple idea, so let us all know where it goes. Our system is unique, this is a one time fee, and your text ad will stay alive for at least 120 months! May be more, for ever I hope!

Do I need all of this money to pay for the university?

I've been asked this question repeatedly, especially by my friends, the answer is simple, no actually, tuitions costs around $10'000 - $15'000, and because I don't did not have this amount of money, I think thought there should be something to do; this site. But there are lots of things to do with the money, first, I will ensure the continuity of the site, I know it needs huge bandwidth, secondly, charity (yeah, like what everyone says ;)
Of course, this is not the end, I will invest the extra money, I like business, and have loads and loads of ideas.

Finally, English is not my native language, so please excuse me for my poor English, I may add other languages in future, this does not mean you can not advertise in other languages.

The site is still at its beginnings, (it's almost 7 years old now, and I'm reviving it again!), you can ask for anything, or you can order right now! So feel free to email me at MillionTextAds {t} GMail {dt} com.






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